AIT-DRIVEX is specialized in the finalization, the marketing and the application control of the Chemical Treatment processes design to treat the clogging (on the fire side) of industrial boilers using heavy or waste fuels, coals, woods, industrial or domestic waste as fuel.

With more than 25 years of experience in this field, AIT-DRIVEX offers its services, products and equipment designed for :

  • The Clogging Preventive Treatment.
  • The Curative Treatment and the neutralization of the acidity.
  • The mechanical cleaning of the tubular-boilers.
  • The training of operative related personnel.

In each one of these fields, AIT-DRIVEX will accompany its clients in the evaluation of their needs and the choice of the best adapted solutions to improve the efficiency and longevity of their heat generators.

All the products, equipments and services available with AIT-DRIVEX are detailed in the index you can access clicking on the products and services central icon or the home page.

You will find there all information on the operating method, the curative and preventive treatments, the equipment. You'll also be able to run simulations for the calculation of the combustion efficiency, clicking on the Calculation chapter.

Likewise, you can upload in order to print it, in PDF format, the document named Treatment Follow-up, allowing you to record periodically and in a different way, the parameters pertaining to the running of your generators.

Finally, in the References chapter, you can get acquainted with the results witnessed by some of our customers over a few years, or read articles published in the specialized press.

We wish you a pleasant browsing and hope to see you soon for a visit at your plant.


AIT-DRIVEX is a Simplified Public Limited Company with a 40.000 € Capital, based in Provence
It is managed, since its creation by Pierre Rousseau, thermicien and clogging specialist.


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